Hello! As you’re, by now, no doubt aware, this blog is ‘written’ by a completely fictitious character by the name of Robert Lewis. In answer to the question as to why would anyone would blog in such a manner, the answer is that I’m sitting on a load of material that I wrote some years ago, and which I’d now like to release on a sadly unsuspecting public looking to read something on the subject of food and beer pairing.
To explain further: some years ago, while looking for a way to write on the subject, I came up with an idea for a syndicated column that, if published by enough (regional) newspapers, could earn me some money. For some reason, when I sat down to write, it sounded better in the third person, and in a voice that wasn’t mine. The more I wrote in this way, the more ideas I had, so I carried on and sent the material off to my, then, agent, who suggested that much better than a column would be a book!

Which was a cue for me to sit down and write a proposal, with some introductory chapters, for the snappily-titled, How to Eat Food and Drink Beer: 100 Entry-Level Food and Beer Pairings from Dr Bob’s Oral Surgery. It was a piece of work that would go on to be read by many, many, er prospective publishers and agents, all of whom decided that they didn’t want to publish a book about food and beer pairings, let alone one narrated by a character that didn’t actually exist. That’s not to say there wasn’t some interest: there was, for example, the case of the major publishing house owner who wanted to proceed, only for his commercial department to veto. Vice versa, it’s also been picked out of slush piles and forwarded to agents, who have then had it turned down by chief partners. (I’m happy to divulge the details privately, if anyone would like some further information).

Having deliberated, to the point of utter distraction, over how best to blog on the subject (I admit, in order to bring some attention the the book), I’ve settled on a factual blog and this one; a place to put some the material that didn’t make the cut for the book, and some that did: the reason for the factual blog, by the way, is that I can put some nice pictures up and feature some real people involved in the world of food and beer. Photos and fictional characters don’t really mix, I feel, hence the need for two accounts.

I’m interested in people’s opinions so feel free to let me know what works and what doesn’t. (Does this page make things clearer, or should I just lose it?)  This is the only page I’ll be writing in my own voice, so I hope you enjoy the slightly odd yet hopefully informative pieces in the others.

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Francis Jones, October 2016